Gold Door Coffee Featured August Roaster Mofer Coffee

Mofer Coffee initially was focused on wholesale green bean distribution. The decision to open retail coffee stores came from the passion and connection the owner wanted to make with Canada; expanding from wholesaling to ultimately sharing Ethiopian coffee culture.  From the craftsmanship of the stores (much of it done by hand by the owner), to bringing the best coffee flavour with steep and filter methods, the goal is to build community through coffee. Ethiopian coffee culture is based on fresh roasted beans, which is why at Mofer we air roast in small batches throughout the day, ensuring the freshest coffee possible. We have created a warm and comfortable space, an extension of your living room in our store, so you feel at home. Hospitality is important in Ethiopian culture and we have brought those values forward in everything that we do. Coffee originated in Ethiopia. We have centuries old traditions that we want to protect, teach and share. When you think about coffee, we want to be the first thing that comes to mind. 


Gold Door Coffee Featured August Roaster Mofer Coffee 


NAME: Sidama
ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Sidama
VARIETY: Ethiopian Blend
ELEVATION: 1500-2500 masl
PROCESS: Natural
TASTING NOTES: Smoke, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nuts
SUGGESTED BREWING METHOD: Drip, French Press, Pour Over
Gold Door Coffee Featured August Roaster Mofer CoffeeGold Door Coffee Featured August Roaster Mofer Coffee


  • Our favourite mythical creature would be the Griffin, known as the guardian of treasure. That is how we feel at Mofer Coffee. We are the guardians of Ethiopias coffee treasures. 


  • 1040 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6E 1A5
  • 1557 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4C 1H7


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