Birch Bark Coffee Co.

Birch Bark Coffee Co. was established in March 2018 and we are proud to offer organic, Fair Trade coffee that is SPP (The acronym of the Spanish name, Simbolo de Pequeños Productores) certified and that is grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants. We recognize the need for an Indigenous inclusion continuum that extends globally, beginning with the Indigenous women and men farmers producing Birch Bark coffee beans to the customers supporting our cause-driven movement to the Indigenous families across Canada impacted by poor water conditions. Birch Bark Coffee Company believes that an on-going process of choice instills, not just a collective self-determination, but also an individual self-determination and nurtures a journey for people to determine their own economic, social and cultural improvement and at the same time ensuring our beans are ethically sourced. 

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'Coffee Making a Difference'

Water is a fundamental right and according to the United Nations we are apparently one of the best countries to live in. Canada is considered a world leader in fighting for human rights, yet hundreds of thousands of First Nations, Inuit and Métis continue to suffer 3rd world like conditions.
Many of you may have come across the phrase posted everywhere 'Water is Life'. Yet the sacred water that has given us all life and is the veins to Mother Earth continues to be mistreated with contaminants and pollutants.
Many of us think our water is safe to drink and that our water treatment facilities are safe. What if I was to tell you the very water that you drink is really not as safe as you think it is. Most, if not all of our water in Canada must be treated with chemicals. In particular, (Chlorine) and this is overseen and controlled by Health Canada and trickles down to the municipalities overseeing the public water systems.

Learn more about Birch Bark Coffee Co. & their efforts in Canadian Fair Trade and Clean water initiatives here.

Birch Barck Coffee co. Two Spirit Blend

Two Spirit

Two-Spirit (2S) are gifted among all beings because they transcend the boundaries set by the binaries of male and female. The Creator allows them to see life through the eyes of all genders, restoring gender fluidity and expression among our people. Traditionally, Two-Spirit were revered and held significant roles as visionaries, healers, medicines people and care-givers.This coffee brings the complementary qualities of African and Latin American coffees together to create a lively and sweet coffee brimming with maple syrup and toffee flavours, finishing with subtle notes of citrus and vanilla. 


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