JULY 2020

Gold Door Coffee Canadian Coffee Subscription Featured July Roaster Eclipse Coffee Roasters
Eclipse Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster based in the picturesque mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. Established in 2014 with the goal of not only sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee but also to provide a personal touch and great customer service. What can you expect from us? Honesty and transparency in everything we do. We understand that everyone has different opinions as to what makes a great tasting cup of coffee and we try to be as accommodating as possible to those individual tastes. From light fruity Africans to bold chocolatey blends we pride ourselves on having something for all without sacrificing quality. This is backed up by our numerous awards in roasting competitions across the continent. Everything that is roasted here at Eclipse is freshly roasted to order so you can rest assured that the coffee you are receiving is as fresh as possible upon arrival. Roasting in small batches is not always the most economical way of running a coffee roasting business but we believe quality should always be put above everything else. If we had to describe our roasting style it would be that of an Omni-roaster, which means we do not roast coffee to different brewing methods. We instead carry around 15 to 20 different coffees at any one time and roast these coffees to highlight the natural flavors within them. Some of these coffees will naturally be more suited for espresso and some for a filter, however, our goal is to roast that individual coffee to its premium level. For each coffee, you will find a detailed description, found on the product pages of our websites, of how it is roasted, and how we think that coffee is best brewed. This we would say is a guide to brewing the coffee rather than a recommendation as we still want you to have fun exploring and experimenting within the world of specialty coffee. In order to brew great coffee, you first need to have the best quality raw product possible and we source globally for this. All of our coffees go through an independent screening process to ensure the coffee is not only grown environmentally responsibly but also in a socially responsible way. These findings are shared on our website alongside the coffee description so that you know exactly where and how the coffee you are drinking is grown. Rest assured that our single-origin coffee is sourced from only the best farms around the world and we reward these great farms by paying above the market price to help them further develop their coffees and also provide support to their local communities. Our continuing goal is simple. To take all of the above and turn it into the best coffee you've ever had!
Gold Door Coffee Canadian Coffee Subscription Featured July Roaster Eclipse Coffee RoastersGold Door Coffee Canadian Coffee Subscription Featured July Roaster Eclipse Coffee Roasters
NAME: Fazenda Sao Joao
ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais
VARIETY: 100% Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1120 - 1230 masl
PROCESS: Pulped Natural
TASTING NOTES: Peanut butter, Malt, Chocolate
SUGGESTED BREWING METHOD: French Press, Filter, Espresso
Gold Door Coffee zero waste Canadian coffee subscription featured July roaster Eclipse coffee roasters
Gold Door Coffee Canadian Coffee Subscription Featured July Roaster Eclipse Coffee Roasters


I would have to go with Chewie. A true warrior with a big heart fighting for the freedom of all. 

LOCATION: 13 - 702 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2H4, Canada


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