September has arrived!

This month we decided to give everyone a try of our new house roast

'28 Barbary Lane'!

28 Barbary Lane
When we created '28 Barbary Lane', it was with the sole intention of creating an everyday coffee that is representative of us and our values. The inspiration came from Armistead Maupin's series 'Tales of the City', which was groundbreaking queer literature throughout the 80's. The articles, turned novels, turned television series, were focused solely on the lives of LGBTQIA2+ peoples and the difficulties the community faced just for being themselves. 28 Barbary Lane is the address of the iconic home from the series, where matriarch Anna Madrigal took in those ostracized from their families and homes because of their sexuality and gender expression. The series was one of the first to openly discuss transgender stories, and the AIDS epidemic. Our roast hopes to bring more LGBTQIA2+ issues to the forefront, and give back to our community. Specifically to aid our Black Trans family, who are being murdered and accosted at crisis rates.
We want to help, and we want our community to do it with us.

SO a little more about the roast:

This is an easy drinking medium Colombian roast. Made for your everyday drip, this comfort roast is here to make you feel at home.

BEAN: Colombia Huila Tarqui Excelso EP

ORIGIN: Colombia, Huila, Central Cordillera, Serrania De Las Minas

ELEVATION: 1.500 - 1.700 MASL (meters above sea level)


TASTING NOTES: Toffee, Cream, Caramel



Bags of Gold Door Coffee's house roast 28 Barbary Lane
We've partnered with the coffee bad-asses at Calgary Heritage Roasting Company to curate this small-batch locally roasted perfection. 
Original label artwork by Steph Talbot

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